DeAngelo Trent

aka The Styliss

DeAngelo Trent (The Ghost-Writer of Fashion) is a “Fashion Influencer” and one of Hollywood’s best kept secret. DeAngelo Trent aka “The Styliss” has worked with Celebrities such as Nick Cannon, Jaime Foxx, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Akon, Howie Mandela and more!

My Story

9 cool years of DeAngelo’s career has been spent with Nick Cannon. DeAngelo worked closely with Katja Cahill (Nick’s Lead Stylists). Thankful for all of the Knowledge and growth over the years. Starting from Humble beginnings. In the 90’s he sold his T-Shirts from his trunk, through his clothing line “Nissi”. In the early 90’s he was the KING of “street teams”. Whenever a record label would release an album. They would print 5,000 T-shirts and distribute them on the streets. This strategy was used in the 90’s before social media as a way to promote music.  They would request special designs for Artist. 


While working at the “The Wizard” with Mike Norman. Mastering the art of “Direct to Garment” and having access to all designers in Hollywood. Raising a kid on his own and hustling on his own. He became one of Hollywood’s most wanted Stylist.  

Celebrity Fashion

Starting from humble beginnings DeAngelo  started his own clothing brand “Nissi Clothing” in 1996. At the time he was an under-writer at Washington Mutual. He would sell his T-Shirts from his Cubical. 

Masculine Stylist

Fashion is an Art and DeAngelo is Michelangelo (a genius). His attention to detail is key. From the buttons to the scarf, from the shoes to the hat. He absorbed fashion in the early 80’in LA when Hip Hop was taking off. Voted best dressed in Junior High. He took drawing classes in college and is one of Hollywood’s most popular Stylist. 

Wardrobe Stylist

DeAngelo has worked with HER and is known for being one of the Best Stylists in Hollywood. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the 80’s. His passion for fashion started at a young age. He was a Natural from the start.

Lead Stylist

DeAngelo used to work with Mike Norman aka the Wizard in Hollywood. A Popular Screen printing shop.  Mike Norman was The Wizard of Designs and TV Shows. Mike mastered the Direct to Garment world, and DeAngelo was his protegee.

Hollywood’s On-Call Lead Stylist

Debra McGuire would eventually would hire him for the costume design of “Idiocracy”.  After a request for jeans by Nick Cannon, he would eventually start working with Nick Cannon. Then becoming the lead stylist for the show WildiN’ Out.

Costume Design/Styling

DeAngelo would work with Nick Cannon at the set of wilding out for 4 years. Eventually, Nick started Ncredible Entertainment and DeAngelo would be the Lead Stylist for the Label.

My Story

DeAngelo started his journey in the early 90’s. As a screen-printer, out of his garage. Eventually becoming a broker (Industry Screen Printing). Printing T-Shirts for record Labels. In those days before social media, there was street teams. He was the king of street teams, printing T-Shirts for Record Label’s Album Release Events. The record labels would print 5,000 shirts.

The Styliss

DeAngelo aka The Styliss does monthly speeches at Schools all over California.  He is available online for “Zoom Meetings | Fashion Advice”. 



Comedy Stand Up SpecialsDeAngelo Trent's Journey in Fashion includes Comedy. He has styled comedians such as David Arnold and Affion Crocket. His journey in fashion includes Movies. One of his important projects was working as an assistant stylist for the movie...

TV Shows

TV Shows

TV Shows DeAngelo Trent has worked on shows such as Wildi'N Out, Hip Hop Squares, Short Circuit and currently still working on the set of VH1's Love & Listings.Wildi'N Out | MTVDeAngelo met Nick Cannon in 2005. After Nick Cannon requested some jeans from him....

Music Videos

Music Videos

Music Videos DeAngelo has styled some of the best Artists in Hollywood. From Music Videos to Movies. Behind the scenes he is very well known by producers and artists alike. The list includes Def Jam, Death Row, MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon. Music Videos Include: Jamie...